Student Enrollment System

Designed and developed to provide real-time registration of students. Also to easily store and retrieve student’s information. And to help admission teams ultimately enroll more students in less effort and time.

Student Billing System

Developed to consolidates and track the financial transactions between a student and the school which records their payments and balances. It has also an invoice that can be also checked by the parents through the system.​

Grading System K-12 Ready

Teachers can update children/students’ class standing and grades in a more efficient and effective way because the system can already generate it to scales. And it is now K-12 Ready!

Attendance Monitoring System

A Smart Card ID is specifically designed to monitor children/students and faculty members’ attendance accurately and efficiently with SMS notification.

Library Management System

A tracking system that helps for library catalog management which includes the whole records of the available books, membership, books borrowed or sold etc.

Transport Service Management System

Parents may now monitor their child’s whereabouts as the system also tracks the schools’ overall logistics platforms and the daily operations of their transportation vehicles.