Advanced Accounting System

Optimizes and consolidates all financial transactions between the students and the school. Payments, balances, and invoices can be viewed online and can also be checked by parents.

Advanced Smart Reporting System

Includes an easy-to-use report writer for teachers/ faculty staff which can be customized based on your needs.

Advanced Class Routine

Provides a convenient and practical platform for section wise class routine with print option depending on the needs.

Parent Monitoring Account

Parents can monitor and conveniently view the location and activities of his or her child (single or multiple enrolled) on his or her account profile.

Advanced Class Sectioning

An optimized and time-saving sectioning of students using an online specified system.

Exam and Schedule Management

Announcement and reminders of exams for both students and parents. A notification will be sent on their account so that they cannot forget about the exam dates and know what to prioritize.

Messenger with Media File Sharing

An efficient and easy way to communicate with anyone in school. Everyone can receive messages, files, videos, music, notifications, etc. once they have their own account registered in the system

Grading Management K to 12 Ready

Grades can be viewed online either by the students or the parents. And it is now K to 12 ready.


Teachers can just post or share additional readings, references or other education-related resources in the system and students can access it easily.

Customized Accounts

To use the system at its maximum level, users are divided into six (6) types– the Admin, Teacher, Accountant, Parent, Staff, and Student. Each user can log in individually and has its own features and privileges. And it’s customizable.

SMS Integration

The system is also integrated into SMS with its advanced and customized templating system that allows better communication with both the school, students and parents.


A secured ID with other support access such identity and payment will give ease to students, teachers and staffs.